Beautiful isn’t she?  Just sitting there watching us; enjoying the show, awaiting to be overcome and captured ” 

– Valerie UROM Fab-Uche

The performance YOU WERE SAYING SOMETHING is a visualization of the struggles and sacrifices we make everyday  either consciously or sub-conciously in order to achieve success.

Success can be simply defined as achieving a set goal or objective either as a team or an individual.

Success is an experience and not a material possession or acquisition; and if we do agree with the latter statement , then  we would also agree that the true measure of success is not in the number of people that idolize you and want to be identified with you, but in your ability to make selfless sacrifices and contributions that touch even the smallest lives. And by doing so, we make our efforts timeless and our names immortalized on the tongues of the people we influence. Success does not belong to one man and also can be achieved by any, either through collaboration or individualization.

Our performance is based on the struggle to success. It shows all the interactions and fails that happen before a particular set goal is achieved. A typical example would be the life of a student .

In the life of an average school student, when an assignment is given, it is the obligation of the said student to go and make adequate research and find possible solutions in order to accomplish the assignment (goal). In the course of research, the student can attempt to acquire knowledge from a fellow student and in the course of that, ideas are shared. Now, the two students while in the process of brain storming can be joined by  another student who also pitches an idea and then  another student comes and may agree or disagree with the ideas being shared and then during the whole process the initiator of the discuss asks the second student “you were saying something the other time ” and so ideas are tossed, some taken, some not accepted and others just not attended to. And so the students keep going back and forth until the assignment is accomplished.

So also our performance; we began by painting some parts of our body ( Hands and Head). The hands because they are the tools used in accomplishing a certain idea which is conceived in the head (brain) thus the reason for its decoration. The designs and patterns done on our body are symbolic for our individual ideas on how the work should be accomplished.

Then we began tying ourselves together; the first person starts tying and passes the rope to the second person , the second person also ties the rope around the body and passes it to the next member until everyone has a piece of rope around them. The rope represents the idea being passed on (from the earlier illustration.)

After everyone is tied and secured by the rope we all haul and tug at ourselves and begin moving. The struggle is intense and we pull vigorously as we all want our opinions to be heard and want the plan to go our way . We keep pulling and struggling until one of us gives in,

This is symbolic for those who in the course of life give up and give in to the will of others maybe cause they are weak willed or so the tussle doesn’t continue. And at the end of the struggle everyone is weak and well spent  and literally nothing is achieved, this is typical when we do not agree on things and always want to be right.

YOU WERE SAYING SOMETHING doesn’t  only concentrate on the life of a student but also every other aspect of life as everything is a struggle in order to achieve success at it.

And so the truth is, success is always going to be seated where  ever she is watching us and enjoying the show as we battle to capture her.

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